Should I join a Yoga Retreat or a Yoga Teacher Training?



You will deepen your own Yoga practice in a Yoga Retreat or in a Yoga Teacher Training. Additionally, you will learn in our Beach and Hills Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Philosophy and knowledge about Ayurveda from Indian Yoga Teachers, so that you will be able to create your unique Lifestyle according to that and the best is you will learn how to share this knowledge with other people. You will study in a Yoga Teacher Training how the human body works and we will go into detail into the importance of different body structures when it comes to the asana practice. As well you will enhance your meditation practice. During the course, you will build your own network of like-minded people and you will grow personally. All these benefits and learning you can get out of the YTTC. The comparison between joining a Teacher Training and a Yoga Retreat is mainly that you will receive after the Yoga TTC an internationally accepted certificate to Teach Yoga. You might have all the other learnings and personal growth after going to a Yoga Retreat but you will not receive a Certificate for Yoga Alliance.


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