Top 20 Reasons to Join Yoga Retreat in Goa


Top 20 Reasons Why You Should Join A Yoga Retreat in Goa

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“Yoga is a perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.”

Jason Crandell


A Yoga Retreat is a perfect combination of stress-free getaway, a time to refresh, rejuvenate, get pampered, eat healthily, learn new yoga flows, meet like-minded people, feel motivated and get inspired. Goa is the perfect place to start or enhance your yoga journey and here’s why….


Goa Is a Yoga Paradise

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#1 See A Beautiful Destination

A Beach & Hills Yoga Retreat in Goa is like getting two for the price of one. You get a with a vacation in an amazing beautiful place combined with a Yoga experience that benefits you on a deeper level.


#2 You Value Yourself

The simple decision to go on a Yoga Retreat gives the universe the message that you value yourself, that you are worthy of all the health, beauty and peace in the universe.


#3 Deep Long-Lasting Relaxation

A Yoga Retreat is the perfect vacation holiday away from the hustle and bustle of life. It’s time to take a break from long working hours, endless chores, stressful relationships, anxiety, etc., and give yourself time to truly relax. On our Yoga Retreat, you can really escape and have nothing to do but concentrate on you. In Goa with Beach & Hills Yoga Retreat at Agonda you are guaranteed to feel completely relaxed, rejuvenated and better than you have in years.


#4 Connect with Like-Minded Yogis 

Goa is a global tourist hotspot. Experience East meets West. Meet like-minded people from around the world and make friendships that will last a lifetime. Practice asana on the beach, enjoy meditation classes and join our evening festivities under the moonlight in our Yoga Shala with locals and people from around the world, sharing the yogic lifestyle that is Goa.


#5 Healthy Nutritious and Local Foods

At home, you have to cook our own food, on retreat you will get to eat delicious healthy food prepared by someone else!  Goa is known for many delicious local dishes and cafes. Explore the local cuisine and indulge the Foodie in you. Our accommodations offer 3 healthy vegetarian meals a day. Eat well without having to worry about a thing.


#6 Great Atmosphere and Accommodations

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Beach & Hills Yoga Retreat Center is surrounded by the stunning beauty, the flora and fauna that makes Goa such a special place. We have nice clean rooms, 3 vegetarian meals a day, enjoy the swimming pool, and book a well-deserved relaxing therapeutic massage in a safe hygienic space.


#7 Deepen Your Yoga Asana Practice

If you struggle to find time to practice yoga in your everyday life then coming on our Yoga Retreat is perfect for you. Daily classes make it easy to practice every day without distraction. We offer classes in Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Beach Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Mantra Yoga. Yoga asana aids in detoxification, helping you feel healthier at all levels. You will boost vitality, increase flexibility, strength, balance and grounding. Even the most seasoned yoga practitioner can deepen their practice with us.


#8 Calm Your Mind

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We often find ourselves living in the future as we plan ahead, and in the past as we feel with what has happened throughout our lives. Use our Yoga Retreat to turn off all the noise of your mind and open yourself to a more positive way of thinking. Meditation acts as a cleansing practice for the brain and helps you to explore new possibilities. By practicing meditation, you can experience inner balance, peace of mind and heart. Learn and make meditation a part of your daily routine. Beach & Hills Yoga Retreat offers traditional focused meditation classes along with a variety of active meditation practices like Journey Dance, Kundalini, Laugher Yoga, and Ecstatic Dance for those of you who enjoy meditation in motion.


#9 Spend Time with Instructors

One of the best benefits of a yoga retreat is having access to inspirational yoga teachers for more than just a class. On our Yoga Retreat, you will be fully supported by our teacher facilitators. They will give you guidance and motivate you to move your practice and wellness to the next level. Take advantage of one-on-one time with them. They will help you in any way possible.

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#10 Surround Yourself with Positive Energy

A yoga retreat is taking a vacation full of positive energy! On retreat, our teacher facilitators will surround you with positive thoughts and feelings. Let the stress melt away; just embrace the positives vibes coming your way.


 #11 The Healing Touch of Nature

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Modern life can be noisy and unsettling. Stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia etc., create havoc on inner peace and our health. There’s no better way to get out of the hustle and bustle of modern life than going on a Yoga Retreat! Connect with the stunning nature of Goa on a deeper level, breathe the fresh air, immerse yourself in the ocean and surroundings at our Yoga Retreat.


#12 Mix Up Inner Discovery and Outdoor Adventure

We offer a well-balanced retreat with time for the inner journey and outer adventures. Inner discovery includes yoga, meditation, reading or just lounging on the beach. Goa offers many outdoor adventures; water sports of all kinds, trekking, visiting Cabo De Rama, or going to the many beautiful old Temples and Churches – explore all that Goa has to offer. Adventures are waiting for you!

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#13 Disconnect from Technology

Going on a yoga retreat vacation is a perfect excuse to disconnect from technology and get back to nature. So many jobs now require us to be on call and connected 24/7. Some of us are spending almost all our free time on social media and glued to screens. Give yourself a break from the digital world with a Yoga Retreat!


#14 Take Time for Yourself

We give so much of ourselves in our daily lives that it can be difficult to really take a moment just for ourselves. While you will meet some amazing people on retreat, you can also use it as an opportunity for some alone time.  Relax on the beach and listen to the ocean. Go to a Church or Temple, feel the grace of this ancient village as you sip a cup of tea at a café.

#15 Find Healing

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A yoga retreat can be healing for your mental and physical health. Our retreat offers you time to come back to yourself, improve your physical state, calm your mind and release what is not serving you in your life. Schedule one of our many Therapeutic Massages to boost your immunity, improve circulation and heal the physical and energetic issues you are having in your body. Meet with our Aromatherapist. She will make a customized blend just for you to help with any challenges you face. Our facility offers a safe, hygienic space for massage therapy.


#16 Bond with your Divine Self

These are difficult times. So much is changing. The uncertainty of what is to come has increased stress, anxiety, depression, headaches, and loneliness. Beach & Hills Yoga Retreat offers asana, meditation, and breathwork in a beautiful landscape for you to connect back to yourself and the grace that dwells within.


#17 Discover a New Perspective

Attending a yoga retreat can give you a new perspective on life. You never know what you can learn from others, from new experiences, or from nature, that can affect your future choices, or make you see your own circumstances in a different light.



#18 Kick Start Your Life

Beach & Hills Yoga Retreats offer a chance to see your life with new eyes. Get a boost towards a life worth living, find your passion and remember what is important. With a break in routine, you gain clarity on who you are and may decide to make some long overdue changes in work, hobbies or relationships.


#19 Have A Unique Experience

Every retreat is different, even if you return to the same place. The other people and your frame of mind at the time will never be the same again. Booking a yoga retreat will always result in a unique experience as you continue to grow within yourself.


#20 You Deserve It!

Treat yourself to an experience you really deserve, by coming on a Beach & Hills Yoga Retreat. This is a vacation all about YOU, and you deserve it.


You do not have to be an expert Yogi or a regular Yoga practitioner to join our retreat.

All are Welcome! at Beach and Hills Yoga Retreat Centre Goa India

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