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Are you not sure if Ubud in Bali is the perfect place for you to get certified as an International Yoga Teacher? We are convinced that Ubud is a magical place to do your YTTC not just for one reason. Read below more about what makes Ubud so special and find out if it is the right place for you. 

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Ubud the Center of Yoga, Spirituality, and Culture in Bali
Ubud is located in the center of Bali and it is surrounded by emerald rice fields, wild jungle, and hills. Ubud is well known as the yoga, spiritual and cultural center from Bali. From the International Ngurah Rai (Denpasar) Airport, you will reach Ubud within one-hour car drive.

Nature in Ubud Bali

You love greenery and being in nature? Ubud is definitely the perfect choice for you because in and around Ubud you can catch various colors of green by walking through the stunning rice fields, you can enjoy stunning jungle views and it’s easy to find a waterfall close by Ubud.

Culture & Art in Bali

Culture plays an important role in Ubud. As Bali is dominated by Hinduism you can see many beautiful decorated temples and Ganesha is protecting almost every house entrance. Most of the houses are build up based on Vastu. Besides that, small offerings decorate the whole city and many ceremonies are being held in Ubud.
The Art scene in Ubud is shaped by stone and wood carving, painting, weaving, playing music and dancing. In Ubud itself, many artists gather to gather to be creative in this special town in Bali.

Food in Bali

Ubud is a paradise for foodies. You basically find everything that your heart desires here from traditional Balinese Warungs, Street Food to Western Food. Different kind of food is available in abundance. Especially if you are on a vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan or gluten-free diet Ubud is the perfect place to be to make you happy with fresh delicious vegetable creations, smoothie bowls, Buddha bowls, fresh juices, vegan ice creams, and cakes. Check out this food blog to get some idea about the food in Bali. And not just the food is spoiling you in Bali additionally you can expect High-Speed Wifi in almost every café or restaurant so that you are always connected.
After enjoying an amazing breakfast or lunch it’s highly recommended to do some shopping in Ubud's beautiful boutiques or to get inspired on the colorful Ubud Market.

Relaxation in Bali

There couldn’t be a better place to relax than in Ubud. Almost at every corner, you find a beautiful Spa. Balinese people know how to create a pretty atmosphere and not just with incents and Frangipani flowers they bring you into relaxation and peaceful state of mind with any kind of massages or healing offers. In Ubud, you will definitely find the perfect way for you to relax your mind and muscles.

Spirituality in Bali

People from all over the world travel to Ubud to seek in its very unique vibe and to gather together for spiritual awakenings, music sessions, yoga, and healing. It couldn’t be a better place for self-healing, going inwards, gaining clarity and your spiritual journey. The spiritual community is large and Ubud being one of the renown destinations after Rishikesh to begin your spiritual journey with Vedic Wisdom of Yoga and Meditation. It is easy to connect with equal minded people and share and grow together in a sacred place. Yearly events like the Bali Spirit Festival or the International Yoga Day underline this vibe.