Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus Nepal

Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus Nepal

Yoga teacher training program is divided into different course sections. Our program covers a major section of hatha yoga, ashtanga vinyasa yoga and Iyenger yoga or restorative yoga followed by meditation, chanting and prayers

Training Structure - 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Nepal

Beach and Hills Yoga retreat center will teach you different styles of yoga and you’ll be able to experience those life-changing benefits. The yoga includes in-depth knowledge about different theoretical and practical of different yoga styles. In theory, you will learn about the anatomy and physiology of modern and traditional yoga styles. You will come to know about the theory of yoga practice, yoga system, different meditation techniques and various principles of teaching yoga.

Yoga practical training includes total of 111 hours with 86 hours of contact program. You will learn about the asanas and kriyas, pranayama and meditation, chanting mantras and learn the yogic approach to life.


Learn about the basic and advanced methods of doing hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga and vinyasa flow yoga under the guidance of expert yog gurus. We will teach and train you in practicing different postures correctly. We also conduct workshops to master in art of alignment and adjustment of body postures.

Methods of Relaxation

Relax your mind and body with us. We will be focusing on full body relaxation technique and emotional relaxation techniques at our retreat center. You will come to know about various methods to calm down the body, mind and soul. Meditation, mantra chanting, prayers are just a few method we follow. After having all these, you can have a complete sound sleep.


Different methods of prananyama are associated with breathing. You will find out all about the importance of doing yogic breathing, the science behind it and how it can lessen stress level and achieve emotional purification.

Mudras and Bandhas

You will learn to awaken the internal and external energy of the body by doing different hand gestures. Mundras and bandhas are best for fulfill your body and mind with positive energy.

History of Yoga and its importance

Come to know about yoga, and its historical background, aspects, future prospects and benefits to the body and mind here. We will provide you an extensive overview of yoga and ayurvedic science. Expand your knowledge about yoga here.

Mantra Yoga and its Significance

Spelling mantras are best for filling yourself with positive energy. Mantras create positive vibration and energy throughout the atmosphere around us. You will practice these mantras to detox your body and mind. Fill your life with energy, wisdom and freedom

Anatomy of Yoga

Learn how to practice asanas and prananyams safely under the guidance of expert yog gurus. We can help you understand the physiology of different asanas and how it can help in curing different diseases such as cold, diabetes, obesity, blood pressure and many more.

Art of Alignment & Adjustment

We give attention to every detail. We program special classes for improvement of postures and alignment of your body. You would be taught backward  bending, forward bending, twisting and different  asanas (postures)at our hourly classes.

Meditation and Mantra Chanting

Discover the unknown benefits of doing meditation and its importance in improving body, soul and mind. We teach you proper techniques of meditation and teach how to do mantra chanting.